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Cane to Table

Cane to TableThe Perfect Opener for the Manipulator!

Magician enters the stage with a cane in his hand. When ready to perform, he twists the cane which changes into a three legged stand. He places a hat, a magazine, etc., on the cane, which now becomes a handy table!

  • Legs are made of tempered Aircraft Aluminum
  • Height: 33"
  • "Table Gimmick" is included

This item is used by top professionals around the world. It is endorsed and used by the Great Tomsoni!

Top Hat is NOT included. We sell fine collapsible top hats for $320.- / each - please click here or call for details.

Cane to Table - (Cane and Table Gimmick Plate)
Price: $595.00

Cane to Table - Extra "Table Gimmick"
Price: $50.00

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Chameleon Bag

Chameleon BagEffect: A bag seemingly changes in color as the magician shows it inside out 7 times.

This bag is made of quality, durable material.

It is always turned inside out from the same opening. Also the grosgrain edging not only makes the bag more durable, but also adds to the mystery of the effect

The bottom of the bag is seamless to also add to the mystery.

The magician has complete control of which color will appear.

The bag seems too flat to allow for so many colors.

Our bags are large enough to allow for productions, etc., but small enough to be folded and kept in the pocket. They measure: 11.5" x 12"

Chameleon Bag
Price: $60.00

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Dinamo Deluxe Spot Card

Dinamo Deluxe Spot CardThis effect has been popular with magicians for many years.

A card is shown with 1 spot. The other side has 4 spots. Turned over again and there are 3 spots. Turned over one more time and there are 6 spots!
Upon explaining how the effect is done, the magician creates more bewilderment for the audience. Finally, one side of the card is shown to have 8 spots!

Do not confuse the Nielsen Spot Card with any of the others on the market. The Nielsen cards are:

  • Made from heavy gauge cold rolled steel with baked-on black enamel to resist scratching.
  • The White spots are made out of vynil.
  • The 'special' spots are thin, flat, and backed with velour to further resist scratching.
  • Included is a flannel carrying bag.

Dinamo Deluxe Spot Card
Price: $50.00

Once in a while, performers want extra spots in case they lose one...

Extra Single SPOT for Dinamo Spot Card
Price: $1.00

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Spots DVD and Routine by Michael Ross

Dinamo Deluxe Spot CardOur Dinamo Spot Card in the right hands is an amazing effect. If you are committed to adding it to your repertoire, please consider getting this DVD and script for the effect. The entire routine and handling is by Michael Ross, and the material is produced by Bill Abbott.

Michael Ross has spent a lot of time thinking about this effect. He cuts down a few moves and makes it simple, direct and very elegant. This is his opening effect for both children and adult audiences (and he has even done it surrounded), to a great reaction. After performing it thousands of times, you will get insight from a real professional regarding the proper handling of this trick. We highly recommend it.

This is a 60 minute DVD containing everything you need to know about performing this effect.

Dinamo Deluxe Spot Card
Price: $50.00

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The Legacy Malini Egg Bag
handcrafted by Lynetta Welch

Legacy Malini Egg BagThis is by far, the BEST EGG BAG in the market. Period.

The effect is quite simple: An egg appears and disappears inside a mysterious black cloth bag. The bag can be turned inside out and the egg can appear whenever the magician wants.

Don't be mislead by the simple description. This is one of the most baffling and entertaining magic tricks of all time. It is truly a CLASSIC of magic.

We have been able to obtain few bags from Lynetta. If you have heard of her, you will know that she is one of the best craftpersons in the business. Each bag is personally made by her, and because of her busy schedule, it is sometimes difficult to get them quickly. WE DO HAVE A FEW IN STOCK!

These bags are made of 100% silk, and cut just perfectly. The french seams are perfect, and the design is simplicity and elegance itself. It is a dream to do the Malini Egg Bag Routine with these bags.

The bag comes with basic instructions on how to perform it. However, if you are seriously considering adding this effect to your repertoire, we highly recommend that you get the

Legacy Malini Egg Bag
Price: $85.00

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EZ Way Out Dove
by John Thompson

Effect: Magician magically produces a dove from an empty silk!

This is the "Dove Holder" designed by John Thompson, who is one of the best and most respected magicians in the world. This holder is very gentle to the dove, as there is a space for its head and it is a two-handed production.

Instructions, bag and matching silk are included.

Comes in several colors: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow and White.

EZ Way Out Dove
Price: $45.00


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Ultra-safe Invisible Dove Harness
by Tony Clark

We are now carrying these magnificent dove harnesses by popular demand. These harnesses are designed by magician Tony Clark, and used by many professionals worldwide. The harnesses are made of s soft white silk ribbon that holds the bird safely and securely. It also has a special feature that allows you to remove the “line” from the bird while keeping the harness in place.

Ultra-safe Invisible Dove Harness (Tony Clark)
Price: $34.00

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Flower to Silk
designed by Norm Nielsen and John Thompson

Flower to SilkEffect: The magician has a flower on his lapel. Upon touching it, the flower tranforms itself into an 18" silk.

This is what is known as a silk "spider gimmick". It is made of spring wire and designed to hold a silk which is shaped as a flower.

The gimmick along with the instructions describing the silk fold are included. (Silk not included).

Video Demonstration MOV File - 317 K - large file!

Flower to Silk
Price: $10.00

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Living Latex Doves

Latex Doves

We make the finest latex doves!

They are usable in a variety of ways, limited only by the imagination of the magician. Our Living Latex Doves can be 'rung in' anytime during your act, and can easily add a new effect as needed.

They crush small, assume shape quickly, and can be manipulated to act real if needed. Here are a few of their features:

  • The latex is dyed pure white, not just painted.
  • Fully washable, they'll always look good.
  • Thin walled latex for small compression.
  • Glass eyes give them that perfect look.
  • Hand detailed.

The industry standard in Latex Doves! These are preferred and used by pros worldwide!

Latex Dove
Price: $45.00

Latex Dove Eyes

From time to time the little eyes in the doves might fall off. These are the eyes we use for our birds. They are amber and made out of crystal.

Latex Dove Eyes
Price: $2.00

Note: Domestic shipping / handling for this item is $1. Please ignore the $3 shipping cart on the shopping cart. That will be corrected when we process your order.

Latex Dove Eyes

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Latex Canary

Latex CanarySame as the Living Latex Dove, but a canary instead. These are mostly used by magicians in the "Vanishing Bird Cage" effect.

The canaries are bright yellow with glass eyes, and made out latex.

(Click on image to enlarge - 18K)

Latex Canary
Price: $10.00

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Ghost Catcher

Latex CanaryThis is an electrifying parlor effect! An invisible form appears under a silk. It takes on a personality of its own and gyrates in every direction. Then it sails upward and totally disappears, only the empty silk floats down to the audience. Easy to do! Can be incorporated in other effects or can be used as a spirit effect to predict the outcome.

Ghost Catcher
Price: $35.00

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