Spells And Potions To Win At Slots


Would you say you consider yourself a superstitious person? Do you ever rely on any lucky charms or even magic spells to try to improve your chances of winning the casino or a life-changing lottery prize? Do any of your spells or lucky charms actually work? If you are rather new to the idea of casting spells for luck when playing slots or pokies, you’ve come to the right place. Strat by knowing there are players who enjoy carrying along different types of magical products when they go to land casinos, or when they are getting ready to gamble online.

Get Your Hands Ready To Gamblepokies for real money

Most people usually get their hands ready to gamble by using a special hand wash. You can find such magic motions for washing your hands to make them luckier on the web. But there are also gamblers who like to keep a piece of oiled nutmeg in the pocket.

Magic Oils And Gambling

First of all, oil seems to play a significant role in these good luck rituals. And there are even players who like to put oil on their coins before inserting them into their favorite pokie machines. There are, however, voices that claim to do this will have a negative influence on the machine, especially if one uses large amounts of oil.

Instead, you could also try to use a separate stash of money you can place near you when playing. Make sure you fix the money using prayer, magic powders, and incense and write the success sigil on it for more luck. This sigil is “$$¢¢$$”. Also, it is not wrong to lightly dress your hands using a lucky oil, and only rely on the money you have prepared from home to wager on your favorite games of pokies. However, keep in mind the machines might sometimes reject your money if you have applied too much powder or oil on it.

It is not uncommon to see players anointing lucky charms such as a rabbit’s foot with special oils or magic mojos. You may find them under the more generic name of Black Cat or Lucky Hand. The best approach is to try a few different options on your own and see what works best for you.

There are people who prefer a mix of attraction oil, fast luck oil, influence oil, and money drawing oil. They rub the mix on the pulse points of their body, as well as on their arms and legs using upward motions for good luck. And the ritual works for many of them.

There is also the option of using bewitching power and special oils that will prevent other players from stealing your luck. You will normally notice them sneaking behind you, watching you play and trying to imitate you in order to enjoy your luck. Or, better yet, steal it from you one way or the other. To prevent that from happening, make sure that you use a special type of oil called “I can, You can’t”. It would also be helpful to constantly wear a piece of jewelry whenever you feel like playing pokies for real money, be it online or inside a land venue.

Find The Perfect Formula That Works For You

Just keep in mind what works for someone might not necessarily have the same results on you. So try to figure out what works best for you by constantly experimenting with different approaches, magic spells, oils, and lucky charms. The trial and error approach seems to work best here. Do not hesitate to do your own research online and see which magic oils or spells and charms work to bring you good luck, and which of them have no effect on you.

Also, keep in mind that while pokies are usually games that mostly rely on luck and randomness and very little skills, there are other casino games that require players to improve their gameplay and use the best strategies to increase their chances of winning. If you feel like you could take a break from your lucky charms and sit in front of a poker game to test your skills, places like australia-casino.org can introduce you to the best web casinos and poker rooms online, read a few fresh reviews, compare prizes and welcome bonuses and make your pick out of a sea of choices. Mix your skills, passion, and strategies with your good luck charms and spells and see if you notice any significant changes in your virtual wallets.