Top Greatest Magic Tricks Ever Performed In Las Vegas


For millions of people out there Las Vegas is and possibly will ever stay the world’s most fabulous and exciting casino city. However, there are so many more things about Las Vegas that are worth to be known overseas.

For example, in Las Vegas there are annual meeting and conventions, sport marathons and motor shows like nowhere else in this world. And what about magicians and their incredibly magic tricks?

Most Amazing Magic Tricks That You Should See

First of all, keep in mind that Las Vegas is the worldwide popular place for most amazing and unique entertainment programs – which is a big reason why many tourists decide to pay a visit to the Strip, beyond for visiting luxury casinos.

Magic tricks are usually meant to cover a number of different sub-genres, including illusion, mentalism, close-up tricks and a few more. Important magicians who performed great shows in Las Vegas included the followings tricks in their repertoire for successful results:

  • Reanimation – it’s a pretty “uncommon” trick for skilled magicians
  • Sawing a woman in half – this is an illusion trick
  • Cold reading – possibly most amazing mentalism trick
  • Séance – again, a very cool mentalism trick
  • Straightjacket escape – it’s more an escapology type of magic trick
  • The linking rings – a close-up trick which exemplifies manual skills

Normally magicians have to also own high-level manual and communication skills to capture their audience’s attention and “trust” while performing their tricks. More techniques that are widely used in a number of tricks include:

  • Levitation
  • Vanish
  • Restoration
  • Teleportation

That’s Why People Love Las Vegas

Magic tricks are usually a very good attractiveness in Las Vegas, especially if it’s some luxury famous casino to offer such entertainment shows. It’s been calculated that many people visit casinos in Las Vegas for the entertainment, music and cultural events and programs, than to simply play a couple of typical casino games.

However, once you are in a casino, you might also want to give it a try and see how much skilled you are in certain games, like blackjack, roulette or slots.

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