Our Nielsen Magic Booth for the SAM 2020 National Convention.

In the business of selling magic tricks & effects since 1956.

Magicians perform worldwide using our magic products.

We are the original manufacturers of the famous Nielsen Vanishing Bottles!

We have been in the magic business since 1956. Since then, Nielsen Magic has been manufacturing an exclusive line of magical apparatus for magicians.

We are known for our Nielsen Line of Manipulation Supplies:

  • Manipulation Cards
  • Card Presses
  • Palming Coins
  • The Exclusive Line of Okito-Nielsen Magic products

We are also one of the largest Magic Poster Dealers in the United States. We sell both original vintage and high-end reproductions and other items.

Our high-end magic products are proudly handcrafted and made in the United States, and we pride ourselves on the quality, which we’ve been told is exceptional.

Whether you are an amateur or professional magician, you can always add a touch of class to your magic shows and performances with Nielsen Magic products.

About the founder of Nielsen Magic: Norm Nielsen
A Legendary Performer and Creator of Magic Products and Poster Art

The History of Nielsen Magic:

After graduating from the Chavez School of Magic, Norm Nielsen opened his magic shop in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in 1956. Nielsen Magic was a general magic shop where Norm sold his wares behind the counter and performed magic in the area. One of the things that made his business special was that he also manufactured his own line of magic apparatus, which he sold to other shops like Magic Inc., in Chicago.

In the early 1960s, he met Okito (Theo Bamberg), who taught him how to build magic props in the “Okito” style and gave him permission to make any of his creations.

Norm Nielsen continued his business and strived to be different in his performance of magic:

In 1966 he developed a “Musical Magic Act” with his signature “Floating Violin”. His act and his performance were so successful that he started traveling all over the world with his magic. It was in the early 1970s that he sold his business to a magician friend from Wisconsin: Irv Orttel. Irv managed Nielsen Magic for a decade but was not as successful with it. In the 1980s, Norm moved to Los Angeles, California, and bought his business back. It was in the early 1980s that he expanded his line to include the new and improved Nielsen Vanishing Bottles. Unlike the bottles that Norm sold in the 1960s that were made out of latex, the new ones were made out of a more realistic material.

Norm Nielsen, the founder of Nielsen Magic, owns one of the world’s largest collections of original stone-lithographs of magicians!

His business as a magic manufacturer and world traveling magician continued for many. Years, but 1990 will see another change in the business. Norm became fascinated with vintage magic posters and started to collect them obsessively.

To fund his new passion, he started adding magic posters to his product line, in which he would buy, sell and trade these pieces. He amassed one of the largest magic poster collections in the world and became an authority in the subject.

Las Vegas- The Magic Capital of the World!

Norm moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1993 where he purchased a large property and had a gallery adjacent to his home.  Hundreds of magic aficionados and vintage poster collectors came from all over the world to see his collection.

When Norm Met Lupe

Lupe Nielsen came in the picture when she met Norm in 1989. They were friends for years and she eventually moved to Las Vegas in 1995. They were married in 1998. They were compatible in every way possible. Lupe performed close-up magic, loved magic history, and was a stage carpenter. For a while in the early 1990s she worked at Collector’s Workshop in Middleburg, Virginia, where she was introduced to the world of magic manufacturing.

Norm and Lupe complemented each other, and for over twenty years, they thrived performing, manufacturing and collecting and selling vintage magic posters.

Sadly, Norm Nielsen passed away on April 21, 2020 after five years of fighting Alzheimer’s and the world lost a beautiful soul and legend in magic.

Nielsen Magic Still Thrives with Lupe Nielsen at the Helm

Since then, the world has changed considerably. However, Lupe is still determined to continue the business of selling magic. Currently, her emphasis is on magic posters and the very high-end magic props she handcrafts.

Lupe Nielsen is a Perfectionist Magic Creator and Builder of Fine Magic Products!

Lupe is a perfectionist. She is a magic builder committed to the highest quality of products that can be offered to the magic community.  She showcases her magic props on the Nielsen Magic social channels. Check out our “Social Media” section to see what is happening in our workshop and world.

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