In November of 2003 we attended the Los Angeles Conference on Magic History. At that Conference, Randy Forgaard presented a lecture on Mirror Cards. Mirror Cards (or Advertising Pocket Mirrors), are small, round, oval or rectangular mirrors with a picture or slogan on the non-mirror side. They look like campaign buttons, but instead of a pin on the back there is a mirror. In the past they were used by companies as giveaways to advertise their products. They were popular with jewelry stores, hotels, soft-drink companies and other businesses between 1900 – 1930. There were magicians that even used these as a form of advertisement (Thurston the magician even used pocket mirrors to advertise his show). Randy Forgaard and Burton Sperber have written a book on this subject entitled Magician Pocket Mirrors, listing all the magic mirror cards and the numbers known to exist with their values. Some have increased in value to several thousand dollars. After the Conference, we had the idea of issuing a series of Mirror Cards with the following characteristics: These Cards will be to honor a few present day magicians. Each of them will be personally AUTOGRAPHED by each performer. We are only making 101 Mirror Cards all signed and numbered from 0 – 100. (We will keep #0). After the cards of a particular performer are gone, they will be gone! We will not make them anymore. These cards will be rectangular and will measure 2″ x 3″. They are printed on acid free paper using pigmented inks to prevent fading and last a lifetime. Magicians that are already part of the project are: Channing Pollock, Lance Burton, John Calvert, Siegfried and Roy, Mr. Electric and Carol, The Great Tomsoni and Co., Hans Moretti, Paul Daniels and more. Remember what makes this collection special is that each card will be AUTOGRAPHED by each performer. Picture above: John Thompson (aka “The Great Tomsoni”) came to visit us and personally autographed the artwork for each of his Mirror Cards.

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