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Magic Live 2018 – REVIEW

By Lupe Nielsen Las Vegas, Nevada, has been my home for twenty-three years. When I moved here in 1995, it was quite a drastic change of pace and attitude from the life I had in the East Coast of the United States. It took me several years to get used.

Top Greatest Magic Tricks Ever Performed In Las Vegas

For millions of people out there Las Vegas is and possibly will ever stay the world’s most fabulous and exciting casino city. However, there are so many more things about Las Vegas that are worth to be known overseas. For example, in Las Vegas there are annual meeting and conventions,.

Magic Live 2017 – Another Year… Lupe’s Review

by Lupe Nielsen Another year, another Magic Live Convention… This event has now become a yearly tradition in Las Vegas. The following review is mostly written by me as a personal reminder of the event. This blog and my Facebook page are almost like a diary in an attempt to.

Spells And Potions To Win At Slots

Would you say you consider yourself a superstitious person? Do you ever rely on any lucky charms or even magic spells to try to improve your chances of winning the casino or a life-changing lottery prize? Do any of your spells or lucky charms actually work? If you are rather.

Vanish Magazine Article – “The Nielsen Poster Auction” by Nick Lewin

It is great to have good press. Nick Lewin has an article about the upcoming Part 2 of the Nielsen Magic Poster Auction, that will be held in Chicago this upcoming February 4, 2017. The auction will be conducted by Potter and Potter. This article is part of the January.