Faverty Poster – The Great Tomsoni and Company



The Great Tomsoni and Company
Giclee Poster on Canvas by Richard Faverty

Richard Faverty is one of the top entertainment photographers in Las Vegas. He has probably photographed more magicians than anyone we know. His beautiful images grace the covers of all the magazines in the magic industry.

What makes his work special, is that he incorporates, “special effects” in his photography. Sometimes the effects are bold dramatic, and he can also be funny and whimsical. These effects always complement and enhance the subject matter. We love his work.

This image portrayed on this page is that of the late Johnny and Pam Thompson, who performed one of the best comedy magic acts in magic: “The Great Tomsoni and Company”. The image is inspired by the Kellar portrait. Pam is dressed as a little imp whispering into Johnny’s ear, while Johnny holds a pooping dove on his right hand.

These prints are fine giclees printed on canvas by Richard Faverty himself.

The print measures: 16.25” wide x 24” long.

It is a beautiful piece that would enhance anyone’s magic den or studio.