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Dai Vernon Poster Print

Dai Vernon is probably the most single, influential magician of the 20th century in sleight of hand magic. His expertise was such that he became known as "The Professor". He traveled all over the world looking for card cheats, and sleight of hand experts, in order to learn their techniques. He eventually settled down at the Magic Castle in California, where he had many students, who collectively have advanced sleight of hand to a higher level.

With his son’s permission, and with the help of a few of his friends, we were able to gather the materials for Norm to design this poster.

  • The poster is a giclée printed on high quality canvas.

  • We used the highest quality UV / Pigmented Inks to avoid fading and for the poster to last a lifetime.

  • The posters are numbered.
  • Normally it comes in the following size:
    17" x 23" – Standard size – Price: $100