Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions / Return Policy


You must call us within two weeks of receipt of goods if the item is not found as represented.

These are the general policies regarding the returning of items:

Magic Items: Due to the nature of these products, all sales on magic items are final. (Part of the sale price is the secret to the effect)

We will gladly replace items that are defective when you call us within two weeks of receipt of goods.

Posters and Collectibles: These items are not sent on approval.

We try to the best of our ability to state the condition of the posters. Please realize that this is antique paper -- mostly prior to 1940 -- and realistically there might be some wear and tear on it. If for some reason the item is not found as represented, please call us within two weeks of its receipt to obtain authorization for its return.

If we approve the return of an item, you will receive a replacement (if available) or a full refund less the postage, provided that the item is received in the same condition as it was shipped. There might be a 15% restocking fee applied

Remember, to choose your collectible carefully, and make sure that you really want it. We will not return items simply because "you changed your mind" about it. There has to be a valid reason.