Overall Rating: 100.00%
Average Rating: 10.00/10
Have bought two magic posters form the so far, and absolutely delighted by the quality and service. Highly recommended them for all your magic needs and friendly service.
Anthony D'Agostino
Wow! Lupe and Norm never cease to amaze me with their quality offerings. Literally everything they produce from dove holders to posters and everything in between is top-notch. Believe me when I say that is a rarity in today's magic world. I'm thankful I can rely upon Nielsen Magic for both my act and office decor. Keep up the exceptional work!
Michael Kaminskas
Very recently, I asked Lupe to make a little wooden frame for a gift I received, a cancelled check for Blackstone Sr.'s show posters. Lupe exceeded my expectations in creating a custom frame, artful matting, and special glass. A work of art. Very pleased with this! Thank you so much, Lupe. A+++
Steve Schieszer, IAE
It is a blessing to have such a wonderfulagician so dedicated to the world of magic
Daniel , r.Magic
I have the Thurston 1914 portrait, the big one, in my office. I can't stop looking at it and I know it intimidates my co-workers. When the framers unrolled the canvas for the first time, jaws dropped. Thank you, Nielsen! I will be ordering my 2nd soon.
Brandon Klingensmith

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