Shattered (by Scott Alexander)



Scott Alexander’s SHATTERED

This is probably the ultimate solution to the “Russian Roulette” theme.

Effect: The magician shows a beer bottle and loudly breaks it with a hammer. The broken bottle is placed on a wooden stand and covered with a paper bag. Three identical empty bags are added to the first bag, and they are shuffled around.

At this point in the routine, neither the audience or the performer exactly know where the broken bottle is. The performer may be blindfolded as well.

The magician asks the audience for their assistance. In other words, the audience will tell the performer where to slam his hand so that he will not get cut by the glass. Very dangerous indeed!

The audience is finally successful as the only remaining bag contains the broken bottle.

Note from the webmaster: “I personally tried this routine in various shows. The audible gasp from the audience was enough to convince me to keep it in my repertoire!”

Included with this effect are:

  • Special gimmicks
  • 4 Wooden blocks
  • Hammer
  • 24 Paper Bags – #4
  • Full Instructions by Scott Alexander