Entertainment First DVD – by George Schindler


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Entertainment First

George Schindler is the Dean of the Society of American Magicians, and deservedly so. He is an amazing magician, a delightful entertainer, a magic dealer, one of the most knowledgeable persons on magic, and a wonderful human being.

He has been a working professional magician for over 50 years, and in this DVD he shares his lifetime of knowledge as he performs and teaches the routines he has used throughout his career. Believe me, these are solid professional routines that will amaze your audiences. And they are not difficult to do either…George will explain not only the moves, but the psychology behind the effects he does. There is enough material in this DVD to make a living as a magician if that is what you want.

Someof the effects in this DVD are:
– Sponge Ball Routine – Extremely commercial and it happens in people’s hands.
– Coin in the Ring
– Card to Pocket
– Ambitious Card
– Card to Wallet
– Comic Prediction
– Silk Penetration
– Chop Cup Routine – I saw him do this at the last SAM Convention. Even I am going to do this!
– Polaroid Money

We are very selective about the DVD’s we sell. The material in them has to be 100% professional – which means that the magician has to have performed it for real people in real situations – and you will get your money’s worth when you learn at least one routine from it. George Schindler’s Entertainment First is such a disc.