Gypsy Balloon – by Tony Clark



Gypsy Balloon

One of our favorite effects of all time is the Torn and Restored Thread. It is a classic, highly visual and truly magical.


Tony Clark’s stage presentation of this effect is probably one of the best ideas we have seen in a long time. He has completely revolutionized the effect by attaching the thread to a balloon. This simple adaptation brings the effect to a higher level. It gives it motivation, theatricality and makes it even more visual. It is so powerful that Tony closes his show with this trick.

The effect is not difficult to perform, and Tony clearly explains all the subtleties in this DVD. The DVD comes with the presentation, the setup and the explanation of the trick, along with 30 ft. of special string to get you started.

See Tony perform this effect:

Artwork Giclee – Coracao Copas

Image Size: 13.75in x 18in