The Miser’s Dream DVD – by Chris Capehart



The Miser’s Dream DVD

Chris Capehart is a great magician: Not only is he entertaining and very funny, but he has an innate understanding of how a magic routine should be structured to produce a sense of wonderment in his audience.

In this DVD he teaches you his approach to the Miser’s Dream effect, where coins appear in the air and are dropped in a bucket. In our opinion this is one of the best magic tricks ever. Period. Chris has performed this routine thousands of times under every possible condition and has gained a great reputation from it. His timing is exquisite and the reaction he gets from laymen is priceless.

In addition to the Miser’s Dream, he teaches you his Coins Across Routine, followed by his Continuous Coin Production, One in the Hand and Two in the Pocket, and the Total Vanish of all Coins. All the above routines are performed with regular coins (no gaffs).

This is a great product at a great price.