Copperfield – David Copperfield’s Museum and Library Poster



Highlights from David Copperfield’s Museum and Library of the Conjuring Arts Poster

This poster is truly special. It was designed by David Starr and produced by Bill Smith. It was first introduced at the recent magic Collector’s Expo, held on August 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The poster shows a map of the entire David Copperfield Museum which is the largest repository of magic collectibles in the world. It is a full map of the different rooms and areas of the museum. Areas of interest are the Main Library, and entire section dedicated to Houdini as well as for Robert Houdin. David has also recreated the old Tannen’s Magic Shop exactly a it looked like in the late 1960s, when he started his magic career. 

This is a wonderful memento of this magnificent place, and it is the perfect decoration for your den or magic room.

The poster measures 18” x 24”

Cost: $25

Posters require special packaging. These are the shipping costs that will be charged:

Domestic shipping and handling: $10

International shipping and handling: $25