Kellar – Eva Kellar Portrait



Name of Poster: Kellar – Portrait of Eva Kellar

Size: 1/2 sheet – 22.5”x 30”

Lithographer: Liebler and Maass, Litho

ate: circa early 1890

Fair condition (B-) / Mounted – This poster came to us torn in half. The mounter and restorer for this piece was the late Garo Company. They mounted the poster and provided restoration using color replacement. They did not replace the paper, though. Upon close inspection, you can see where the paper was torn. A section on the upper edge of the poster was missing as well as the lower left corner. This absence of paper does not interfere with the rest of the image. This is an EXTREMELY RARE poster. This is probably the only portrait of this kind that we have seen.

BTW, Eva Kellar played a significant role in the Kellar Show. She participated in his shows as his main assistant, did a second sight act, and mathematical calculations act, played the cornet, and was integral in illusions such as the Blue Room.