Dinamo Deluxe Spot Card



Dinamo Deluxe Spot Card

This effect has been popular with magicians for many years.

A card is shown with 1 spot. The other side has 4 spots. Turned over again and there are 3 spots. Turned over one more time and there are 6 spots!
Upon explaining how the effect is done, the magician creates more bewilderment for the audience. Finally, one side of the card is shown to have 8 spots!

Do not confuse the Nielsen Spot Card with any of the others on the market. The Nielsen cards are:

  • Made from heavy gauge cold rolled steel with baked-on black enamel to resist scratching.
  • The White spots are made out of vynil.
  • The ‘special’ spots are thin, flat, and backed with velour to further resist scratching.
  • Included is a flannel carrying bag.