Dobson, Wayne – 3 Choice


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As you know, we are quite selective on the DVD’s, books and items we sell. We really, really have to like a performer before we sell his or her items.

Wayne Dobson is such a performer. He is not only a good friend and an overall nice guy, but he is a true GENIUS. If you have ever seen him perform life you know exactly what we mean. Three years ago, we saw him at a convention here in Las Vegas. We laughed so hard that tears came out of our eyes. Wayne received a standing ovation.

We are proud to carry some of his pet items.


3 Choice

“Wayne has created a routine that fits my needs; a clever method, direct effect and a lasting impact on my audience… I have made ‘3 Choice’ a feature in my full evening stage show.”
Jeff McBride

The wonder worker (that would be you) removes a black wallet from his pocket, flips it open and reveals three different items: a credit card, a business card, and a folded banknote. You then hand a spectator a sealed prediction. A second spectator is invited on stage to remove one of the items from the wallet (free choice here,) and hide it away one of his pockets. Once done, he is asked to take another item and hide it in another pocket. Finally, he removes and hides the last item in another pocket.

Of course, you have turned away throughout so that you have no idea which item is in which pocket. OR DO YOU??? Now, the magic begins. You are immediately able to name the whereabouts of each and every item. Not only that, you point out that you actually knew, way in advance, what the outcome of this strange experiment would be. To prove it, ask the first spectator to open the sealed prediction. They read the prediction aloud. It tells exactly which card would be in which pocket! Wow!

3 CHOICE by Wayne Dobson is an alternative routine for Visa Cabaret by Stephen Tucker and it comes complete with everything needed to perform this audience-baffling effect, including the deluxe, specially constructed leather wallet.