Okito-Nielsen Visible Block Penetration



Okito-Nielsen Visible Block Penetration

Effect: Magician shows an empty square tube, a red wooden block and a solid piece of clear Plexiglas. He inserts the glass in the middle of tube through two slots.

The block is then inserted on the top and slowly it is VISIBLY pushed through the glass down to the bottom of the tube.

A very visual SOLID THROUGH SOLID miracle!

This effect was produced last century by Okito. In the same tradition of manufacturing Oriental style magic, we have painted the apparatus with lacquer and decorated it with beautiful Oriental decals. The craftsmanship is exquisite.

A brief story of this effect is that Norm Nielsen made 24 of these in 2008. They were all sold, the last one being sold to the late Eugene Burger. Believe it or not, Eugene loved apparatus magic – particularly when an effect was well thought out and constructed. Unfortunately, he passed away a few years ago, and since then his student, Larry Hass, has been compiling all his notes and materials in what has become a book on the legacy of Eugene’s genius. One section of the book is dedicated to this specific effect, along with Eugene’s presentation. Here is the link for the book: https://nnmagic.com/store/magic-books/eugene-burger-from-beyond-by-lawrence-hass-phd/

Because of the publication, Larry asked us if we could make this effect again. We did make a recent edition that came out in conjunction with the book, which promptly sold out.

The demand was such, that people asked us to make it again. This RED/YELLOW edition is the second one made by Lupe Nielsen. This apparatus will be highly collectible. Only 50 of these have been made for this edition.

We are proud of our high end craftsmanship, which is one of the best in the world of magic today.

The construction and craftsmanship of this item is being documented as we build it. Please follow us on Instagram (@nnmagic.lupe) and on Facebook to see updates.

Here is a little informal video demonstration of the effect:

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