Legacy Malini Egg Bag


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The Legacy Malini Egg Bag
handcrafted by Lynetta Welch

This is by far, the BEST EGG BAG in the market. Period.

The effect is quite simple: An egg appears and disappears inside a mysterious black cloth bag. The bag can be turned inside out and the egg can appear whenever the magician wants.

Don’t be mislead by the simple description. This is one of the most baffling and entertaining magic tricks of all time. It is truly a CLASSIC of magic.

We have been able to obtain few bags from Lynetta. If you have heard of her, you will know that she is one of the best craftpersons in the business. Each bag is personally made by her, and because of her busy schedule, it is sometimes difficult to get them quickly. WE DO HAVE A FEW IN STOCK!

These bags are made of 100% silk, and cut just perfectly. The french seams are perfect, and the design is simplicity and elegance itself. It is a dream to do the Malini Egg Bag Routine with these bags.

The bag comes with basic instructions on how to perform it. However, if you are seriously considering adding this effect to your repertoire, we highly recommend that you get the EGG BAG DVD.