The Nielsen Magic Poster Collection – FOR SALE



The rumor is true, on June 25, 2016, the First Part of the Nielsen Magic Poster Collection will be sold by Potter and Potter Auctions. We have given hundreds of our best posters to that auction house for public sale. It should be the event of the year, that many people in the magic community will be taking about. The first auction will include nearly 400 posters – both vintage and contemporary. There should be something for everyone who wants to obtain a piece of magic history.

There will be one-of-a-kind and very rare Kellars, Thurstons, Soos, Leroys, Germains, Dantes and many more posters available for sale. This is a one time opportunity to get pieces that you will never see again.

Check out a few pages from the catalog…

blog_2016_06_12_postersale01 blog_2016_06_12_postersale02 blog_2016_06_12_postersale03 blog_2016_06_12_postersale04

And the beautiful thing is that there is NO reserve on over 98% of the pieces!

For more information about the auction, to get a copy of the catalog or to bid online please go to:

We are also posting daily posters in our Facebook page. Here is the link: