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Dec. 4, 2006
Tribute to
Norm Nielsen

Fechner Auction

Happy Thanksgiving

Please click on any of the images below to see more details.

These are items that were on backorder for a while and are now BACK IN STOCK!

Cane to Table


They are used by top professional magicians around the world, and they are better than ever.

Dinamo Spot Card


This has been one of the most requested items in the last few months. It is finally back in stock.

Chop Cup Teacup


We sell out of these everytime we demonsrate them live at conventions. It is a different Chop Cup routine that your audiences will enjoy.

Spots Routine by Michael Ross


Looking for a solid, elegant and professional routine for our Dinamo Spot Card? Michael Ross has thought a long time about this effect. This DVD tells you everything you need to know about it. This will be the routine you will add to your repertoire from now on.


Check out this project:

The Kellar
Book of Life

This table is made out of
Solid African Mahogany.

It is a beautiful piece of furniture inspired by the Kellar "Collage" poster found on the 17 pound Taschen Magic Book.

We just finished making a few of these. We have ONE table in stock ready for shipping.

Click on the image for details.

Kellar Book of Life Table

New Fabrini Prints!

(Fabrini has been busy putting paint on canvas. Click on images for details.)

Nielsen Prints

Nielsen Print - John Daniel Nielsen Print - Gary Darwin Nielsen Print - Juan Tamariz Nielsen Print - Tihany

Do you have questions about poster mounting, mounters and restoration?

Check our FAQ section - Frequently Asked Questions

Nielsen Poster Reproductions

Remember to check our

We have the largest collection of magic posters images
for reproduction anywhere. Over 200 images!

All our posters are scanned directly on a 1:1 proportion from the original. These are not blow-ups from book images or photographs. We OWN the original posters in our personal collection, and are able to make the best magic poster reproductions in the market today.

If you don't believe us, simply take a look at some



Harry and Howard in our office.

We love these posters, and that is why they are in the office. The one on the left is a very rare Blackstone poster called: The Birth of Fashion from the early 1920s. The Thurston Portrait is my (Lupe's) favorite Thurston portrait image from 1914. We must have sold and traded this image three times. I finally told Norm...We keep it where I can see it.

Our booth at the IBM/SAM Combined Magic Convention - July 2008, Louisville, Kentucky

Our dealer booth at the most recent IBM/SAM Combined Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.


Book: Betcha! How to Win Free Drinks for Life
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