Making Magic Tricks for Nielsen Magic is the Best Therapy


Norm Nielsen Magician - Portrait
My late husband and best friend Norm Nielsen He always smiled and laughed a lot Photo credit Kari Handler

Norm’s passing during the 2020 pandemic, has completely changed my life.

You see, we had a 25 year relationship, out of which the final five years were those living with Alzheimer’s. Luckily, Norm had a very sweet temperament. Norm never really complained, he never developed a mean streak or aggressive personality. In spite of his Alzheimer’s, he was quite active and we participated in many social activities during the first three years of the disease. We could go bike riding, sometimes for distances of fifteen miles at a time. He truly embraced life in spite of his mental limitations. The last two years, were tough, as his decline became more evident, and simple tasks were forgotten. There was a lot of frustration on his part, as he realized that he no longer had a purpose. It is truly heartbreaking to see this in a person who was exceptionally talented and active throughout his life. In spite of it all, he kept his sense of humor and recognized me up until the end.

He was ready to go when he did, and I knew it. I will probably write about that on a future post.

I will miss him for the rest of my days on this earth. He was my husband and very best friend, and probably one of the purest souls I have met in my life’s journey. The world is diminished with his absence. His absence has created a void in my being. I currently feel that I have completed my life’s purpose, which was to help and care for him.

So here I am, attempting to restart this magic blog along with my life. I am not much of a complainer. Besides, if I did, no one would care. Most people live in their own little worlds wondering what the rest of humanity thinks of them or how the world affects them. I have to find my own purpose, like everyone else on this planet.

In a sense, the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for me. Quarantine has been a great way to remain in solitude, and finally shut down the distractions and cacophony from the outside world. I have realized that I am content in being by myself. Lol!

What happens next with Nielsen Magic?

Shattered magic effect
This is a component of Shattered which is our version of a Russian roulette themed effect created by Scott Alexander

The question that most people ask me is: What will happen to Nielsen Magic?

So far, as I can tell, I will keep this little business running as long as I can physically handle it. We will still produce the pieces we are known for: The Vanishing Bottles, Manipulation Supplies, and manufacture a few Okito-Nielsen items. My biggest weakness is that I am a workaholic. I thrive in finding projects to do, so I have even been helping friends and other businesses with my workshop skills.

I have been working on many projects lately: Making marionette controllers for a local puppetry school, making boxes for another magic manufacturer, as well as working on a batch of Okito-Nielsen Visible Block Penetrations. Last week, I finished a batch of Shattered effects, along with color calibrating our entire computer system to achieve a perfect color match for the poster reproductions we make.

Marionette Controller
I made several dozen of these marionette controllers a few weeks ago and plan to blog on this item soon

Hopefully, all those projects will give me enough material to fill this blog space.

The latest news is that Nielsen Magic purchased the full manufacturing rights for Dean’s Box (Created by Dean Dill, magician). In the magic world, in my humble opinion, this has been one of the best parlor “box tricks” in the market. I am currently looking at the prop, and hopefully will tweak it a little bit – by improving the joinery – and figure out what the best way it will be to efficiently produce a batch of this effect towards the end of this year. It will be at that time that we will have the “extras” people have been clamoring for – ropes, rings and the little curtains for it.

Dean's Box
Nielsen Magic has purchased the manufacturing rights to the Deans Box effect We are trying to have these ready by the end of this year

In the meantime, for current updates, you can always follow me on Instagram ( @nnmagic.lupe ) and on Facebook ( Nielsen Magic ).

Stay well friends.

-Lupe Nielsen
(June 28, 2020)