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Kirkham Poster Print

Kirk was, if not the most knowledgeable, one of the most knowledgeable magicians on apparatus magic and general magic. He was certainly a brilliant performer, yet his weakest point was that he was so extremely competitive, that he hurt himself by alienating some of the best people in magic. He performed on all the great television shows of his time.

Norm has made this poster as a tribute to him. Norm worked for him in several of his shows as an assistant, and respected him so much that he felt Kirkham should be recorded as one of the most brilliant magicians he has seen.

His son, Richard Kirkham, has created a blog dedicated to Kirkham. It is a wonderful tribute from a son to his father, and it gives us a glimpse at Kirkham’s genius and personality.

Here is the link:

  • The poster is a giclée printed on high quality canvas.

  • We used the highest quality UV / Pigmented Inks to avoid fading and for the poster to last a lifetime.

  • The posters are numbered.
  • This print comes in the following size:
    17" x 23" – Standard size