Kellar – A Magician’s Tour – by Kellar and Temple



A Magician’s Tour
Edited and published by Phil Temple

This is one of the most anticipated books of the year! Phil Temple has done a beautiful job in reprinting Harry Kellar’s A Magician’s Tour, which deals with his journeys and adventures around the world as one of America’s foremost magicians. Probably what makes this book unique is the research that Mr. Temple did using the Kellar family archives. The additional commentary and chapters at the end of the book offer a fascinating perspective on the relationship Kellar had with the Strobridge Litho Co., with Valadon, with Thurston as his Successor, etc. Finally, the poster section of the book is just gorgeous! There are 22 different Kellar posters in full color published in this book. This is a "must have" for any magic aficionado that wants to know more about Harry Kellar.

This book also comes with a reprint of Kellar’s Wonder Book, which was a booklet that Kellar published for his audiences. It is full of magic tricks, games, optical illusions, etc.

(Hardbound -226 pages)

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