Tamariz, Juan – The Magic Rainbow by Juan Tamariz



The Magic Rainbow
by Juan Tamariz
(Translated from Spanish by Rafael Benatar.)
Hermetic Press – English version publisher

In our humble opinion, Juan Tamariz is one of the best magicians in the world today. He is a true student of magic and a genius. He is probably one of the few people that we know that thinks about the subject twenty-four hours a day, every single day. When he writes or speaks we should listen.

Magic Rainbow is his magnum opus to date. It is nearly 600 pages of magic theory. He offers his thoughts on EVERYTHING: From character creation, to his theories of false solutions, to manipulating memories and much more. He analyses why magic is so important as an art form, and why it works. Once we have full understanding of its significance, we are then able to wield this information and adapt it to our routines. He even goes as deep into analyzing archetypes and symbols in our everyday life to make magic more meaningful to others.

There are no magic tricks per se in this book, although he does use several effects as examples of what he wants to illustrate. It is 100% a book about theory, and it is destined to become a true classic on the subject. Actually, by being familiar with Juan’s body of work, you will be watching it, and coming back to the book to see how he has applied the theories in the magic he does. Never in the history of magic has there been a book so comprehensive on theory. Juan dissects the magic experience and analyses it in full detail.

Here are the notes from the publisher:

The Magic Rainbow is the fruit of more than forty years of thought, study and analysis by Juan Tamariz, considered a genius of magic the world over. In 1988, Tamariz published The Magic Way, which became an immediate classic. In it he revealed a brilliant system for making the secret methods of magic effects impossible to detect. In The Magic Rainbow, Tamariz takes his readers and their audiences farther up The Magic Way until they are delivered to the ultimate destination, where logical analysis is abandoned to emotions of amazement, fascination and wonder; where the feeling of magic becomes, for a while, an impossibility firmly rooted in reality.

In explaining how the magician can achieve this goal, Tamariz provides remarkable and original techniques that make it possible to erase bits of memory that might lead to the method of the trick, and how to enhance and create memories that build the impossibility of the effect both immediately and in the future. He gives an original strategy for dealing with technical mistakes when they happen during performances. He explains why and how comedy and drama combine with magic, in both bad and good ways, how to make the most effective combinations for creating astonishing and memorable magic—and much more.

The Magic Rainbow is Juan Tamariz’s magnum opus on magic-performance theory. It presents essays, explanations, revelations, insight and analysis—forty years of thinking by the world’s most respected and beloved magician. Above all, The Magic Rainbow is Juan Tamariz’s love song to magic and magicians, with lyrics that will guide your performances to their highest peaks and your audiences to the rainbow of magical emotion.

Hardbound with dust jacket – 594 pages.

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