Burger, Eugene: From Beyond – by Lawrence Hass, PhD



Eugene Burger: From Beyond
by Lawrence Hass, Ph.D.

The book is finally out!

In 2010, Eugene Burger asked Larry Hass to write and oversee two books that would share all of his unpublished material.

Eugene had two firm conditions.

  • First, that the books would only appear after his death.
  • Second, that Larry could tell NO ONE about this project until after he was gone.

After agreeing, Larry worked closely with Eugene to learn these deep secrets, gather the necessary materials, organize the contents of the books, and then he started to write them.

Eugene passed away in 2017.

Two years after his passing, and ten years after starting to work on the project, Eugene Burger: From Beyond is the first of these two extraordinary books.  It includes:

  • Complete details of 16 of Eugene’s unpublished stand-up, stage, and spirit theater routines, including all his work on the Gypsy Thread and his legendary spirit slate routine, “Dr. Slade and the Night Visitors.”
  • Access to 13 video performances by Eugene and 2 audio performances.
  • Rarely seen photos, essays, interviews, public talks, and scripts.

Details: Hardcover with dust jacket, 8.5″ x 11″, 240 pages, including a full-color insert.

In May 2019, at a local magicians’ gathering, Lupe Nielsen met with Larry Hass, and he told her that the secret book project would be coming out in November.

He then told her that one of the chapters in the book would be dedicated to the Okito-Nielsen Visible Block Penetration, which Norm Nielsen made in 2008 as part of a limited edition of 24 units at that time. In fact, Eugene purchased the very last one.

We did not know how fond Eugene was of beautiful prop magic. He had a few choice pieces of apparatus at home, and he would work on interesting presentations for these.

Chapter 11 is all about this effect.

Because it was a dedicated chapter, and this effect was not in stock since Norm made them in 2008. We decided to make a second edition of 40 units, for all those who want to perform it.

The edition is green with a red block. The color was chosen, as an homage to original effect which was in this color.

If you are interested in getting this effect while supplies last please go to: https://nnmagic.com/store/okito-nielsen-magic/okito-nielsen-visible-block-penetration/