The Death Camp Magicians – by William V. Rauscher



The Death Camp Magicians – Second Edition
by William V. Rauscher in collaboration with Werner Reich

Unlike other magic books, this book explores one of the darkest moments in human history: The concentration camps of Nazi Germany during World War II. To this day, it is unbelievable that mankind can be so evil and cruel.

Amidst this tragedy, this is the story of two Jewish magicians that survived the horrors of the Auchwitz concentration camp. Herbert Levin (the Great Nivelli), and Werner Reich, who was Nivelli’s bunkmate and magic student.

Reich was a young boy when he entered Auchwitz, and was liberated when he was 17 years old – at that time we weighed 60 poundsd.

This book included Reich’s autobiography, with a full account of the events and his struggle at the Nazi death camp. We have seen movies and read about the camps, but his first hand experience is like nothing we have heard before. This story portrays the strength of the will to survive in the midst of cruelty.

This is an important story. Let’s not forget the past, no matter how horrible it was. In the words of philosopher George Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to.”

184 pages – softbound.

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