Potter and Potter Catalog – The Nielsen Poster Collection Part 1



We are now selling the catalogs for the recent Nielsen Magic Poster Collection Part I sale that took place yesterday.

The title of the book is “The Golden Age of Magic Posters”, authored by Gabe Fajuri and designed by Stina Henslee. All the posters that grace this volume were photographed by David Linsell.

This book represents a significant part of what was one of the largest vintage magic poster collections in North America. These images were part of our lives for the longest time. For twenty-five years Norm Nielsen searched the world in order to amass a huge collection of posters. Each image has a story, and I suppose what kept us motivated was the thrill of the hunt. We made friends throughout the years that had love and passion for these objects of beauty.

These posters have now new homes, but their remembrance will endure in the pages of this book.

The catalog is $50 plus shipping/handling (Media Mail – US Domestic). If you would like us to send it via Priority Mail please let us know. (There is a little “gift” box in our shopping cart that allows you to write a little note for us.)

International Postage is absolutely and insanely expensive. Our apologies for our Postal Service’s confiscatory rates. The package weighs 3 lbs, and international shipping is: $35 via First Class Mail. Ouch! For a list of rates you can visit www.usps.com

Please know that we DO NOT CHARGE your credit card until your order is physically ready to be shipped.

Norm Nielsen will also be happy to sign the book for you.