The Conservation of Magic – by Leo Behnke


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The Conservation of Magic
by Leo Behnke

Do you know the correct temperature for your library? What should the humidity be? Can you save rotting leather? What is the best method for storing playing cards? How do you recover computer discs that have been drowned? Just one reading of The Conservation of Magic will save you years of research and study in order to care for your artifacts so future collectors will find them in the best possible condition. Each chapter gives you the basics of understanding your magic collectibles, and then, step-by-step, how to care for them. You will learn to look at your treasures like a professional, as well as why they need special treatments, all of which are explained.

The world of collecting is not only chasing and acquiring yesterday’s prizes, but also making sure that future collectors will be able to enjoy what we have today. Is your collecting properly protected against fire, flood, theft and light? Do you have your items catalogued in a way that not only lets you know what you have, but where it is? Do you know how to properly clean feather flowers or display magic sets? Have you planned on how your prized objects will be dispersed, either before or after your death?

The Conservation of Magic teaches you how to take better care of your collection of magic treasures, regardless of whether it consists of books, posters, silks, videos, playing cards, or feather flowers – you now get the lates information on how to properly clean, display, store, and repair them. Two long chaptes tell you how to catalog your collection and also how to dispose of it. Additional pages name companies as sources for materials and tools, professionals who will do restoration work for you, and four pages that list additional books that are eassily availabe to fursher your conservation education.

(Hardbound with dustjacket – 262 pages)

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