The Magic of Paul Potassy – by Schenk and Sondermeyer


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The Magic of Paul Potassy
by Uwe Schenk and Michael Sondermeyer
Translated and edited by Richard Hatch

Paul Potassy was one of the most successful cabaret magicians of the last 50 years. He worked in every major European capital, in large hotels and nightclubs, and has performed for important political figures and royalty.

This book contains his entire repertoire with all the performance details His sympathetic silks, razorblades from mouth, pickpocket sequence, newspaper tear, booktest, and encore card stab are all included, along with much more.

This material is the real thing: Complete, commercial, real world proven routines that have been honed in thousands of performances. There is an inherent elegance and beauty in these routines due to the amount of thought and attention to detail that goes into them.

The book also includes a biography of the performer, and a complete bibliography on the effects he performs.

We highly recommend this book.

(Hardbound with dust jacket – 220 pages)

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