West – Fielding West Comedy Magic Show – 2 Disc Set DVDs



The Fielding West – Comedy Magic Show – Special 2 Disc Set

Fielding West is one of the top professionals in the field of magic. All the material in these DVDs has been tried and tested in front of an audience thousands of times. With these DVDs Fielding is sharing with you his professional repertoire!

Most of the effects he does are fully explained in this DVD. Fielding not only explains "how" the effects work but the "why" he does what he does.

We are proud to offer these DVDs not only because they are a treasure trove of magical insights and material, but because Fielding has by far the best handling we have seen of:

– The Nielsen Latex Dove
– The Nielsen Vanishing Coke Bottle – This routine alone is worth the price of the DVDs!