Dobson, Wayne – Dobson’s Choice – Special Effects



As you know, we are quite selective on the DVD’s, books and items we sell. We really, really have to like a performer before we sell his or her items.

Wayne Dobson is such a performer. He is not only a good friend and an overall nice guy, but he is a true GENIUS. If you have ever seen him perform life you know exactly what we mean. Three years ago, we saw him at a convention here in Las Vegas. We laughed so hard that tears came out of our eyes. Wayne received a standing ovation.

We are proud to carry some of his pet items.


Dobson’s Choice – Special Effects

We only have a few of these books in stock. It is a collection of 13 routines from Wayne Dobson’s repertoire. These routines are with regular items like business cards, playing cards, bottles, bottle caps and there is even one with a silk and a borrowed packet of cigarettes. In the past Wayne was quite the finger-flicker. For this book, however, he has stripped all the sleight of hand from most of the routines, and yet has been able to retain the strength of each effect.

Softbound – 36 pages.