Ultimate Vanishing Bottle – Henry Harrius and Nielsen Magic



Nielsen Magic and Henry Harrius Present…


Effect: The magician shows a glass bottle which is inserted in a paper bag. After making a magic pass, the bottle vanishes! The performer proves this by crumpling the bag.


Nielsen / Harrius - Ultimate Vanishing Bottle (Coke)


For quite a while, you might have noticed that the Nielsen Vanishing Coke Bottle has been unavailable.

Since 2019 and during the pandemic a couple of our material suppliers went out of business. Since then we have been looking for another supplier, and unfortunately, due to environmental regulations, the materials for making the bottles are no longer available in the United States. We could find material, but it was so unstable, that the bottles were not up to par with the quality we were looking for.

We move forward to a few years later and Henry Harrius finds the manufacturing solution to the Vanishing Bottles. His first product, “Refilled” (featuring a Corona beer bottles) hits the magic world by storm and it is the best looking Vanishing Bottle in the market today.

After “Refilled”, Nielsen Magic and Henry Harrius decided to partner up to produce a line of Vanishing Bottles that will be of the highest quality possible and to meet the demand for this very deceptive effect.

Our first collaboration is a brand new version of the Vanishing Coke Bottle called “The Ultimate Vanishing Bottle”. This bottle is based on a 12 oz Mexican Bottle, which is the current shape used in most markets around the world. The bottle is very clear and realistic, and you can use it for the classic vanish effect in a paper bag, or for Henry’s “Refilled” routine.

This product is currently IN STOCK and ready for immediate shipment.

The Ultimate Vanishing Bottle includes:

  1.  – Vanishing Coke Bottle
  2.  – Extra Labels sufficient for at least 100 performances.
  3.  – Bottle Opener – Which will allow you to perform the Harrius “Refilled” Routine if you wish.
  4.  – Special “Convincer Sound Gimmick” – That allows you to further prove that this is a real bottle.

Nielsen / Harrius - Ultimate Vanishing Bottle (Coke)