Okito-Nielsen Breakaway Box



Okito-Nielsen Breakaway Box

One of our favorite columns in MUM Magazine is Paul Osborne’s Shop to Stage, where he features workshop plans to magic effects that are “oldies but goodies”. He has featured, among others, a Nite Club Vanish, a set of Buddha Tubes, a Bunny Box, and in the October 2008 issue he had a Breakaway Box.

The Breakaway Box was initially made by National Magic. After the article appeared in MUM, a good customer of ours contacted us to request the item. He said: “Wouldn’t it be nice if it were decorated in the ‘Okito’ style?” Norm had been working on Okito’s Jewel Box Mystery at the time (which is also scheduled to be ready within a month), and had a few sheets of wood left from that project. He told our friend: “Let me see what I can do.”

Norm did it! He cut enough material to make only 30 of these Breakaway Boxes. And he did not spare any costs. These boxes are rich and beautiful with the traditional lacquered finish, decorated with the Okito-style Oriental decals and finished with brass hardware.

Effect: The effect is quite simple. A magician casually shows a box, spins it around, grabs the top lid and the rear and bottom panels breakaway from the box, revealing that it is empty. The magician can even thrust his arm through the box to show that there is nothing to hide. The box is reassembled, and after making a magical gesture, the box is reopened and silks are produced from it.

Shipping and handling for this item is $30. This box will be very well packed and double-boxed for shipping.