Okito-Nielsen Jap Box



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Okito-Nielsen Jap Box

Basic Effect: The magician shows an empty box with no top and a removable bottom. He puts it back together, waves his hand over the box, and load of silks appears.

Because of the way it works, the magician is also able to vanish a silk or transform it into another object.

The “Jap Box” is a very, very old magic box. This box was first called the “Japanese Inexhaustible Box” in 1876. Various versions were made by different manufacturers through the years, and the jargon term “Jap Box” became a standard in 1913.

The box measures 8.5″ long x 5.5″ x 6″. It has also a removable bottom tray with a hole that allows for the standard handling of the effect. Only TWELVE Jap Boxes have been made in this limited edition.