Vanish Magazine Article – “The Nielsen Poster Auction” by Nick Lewin


It is great to have good press.

Nick Lewin has an article about the upcoming Part 2 of the Nielsen Magic Poster Auction, that will be held in Chicago this upcoming February 4, 2017. The auction will be conducted by Potter and Potter. This article is part of the January 2017 issue of Vanish Magazine. Vanish is an online publication read by 100,000 magicians and magic enthusiasts worldwide. Electronic subscription is free, and you may order a physical copy as well. Here is Vanish’s link:

We are excited about the auction, as there will be many one-a-kind vintage magic posters for sale. Many rare Kellars, Houdinis, Thurstons, and Soos will be at the auction block. This is an opportunity that only comes rarely in one’s lifetime. This is where you can purchase some of the most rare and iconic images in the magic world. These are all original and well preserved. We hope these go to good, loving homes. Don’t miss this auction!

Please click on the image below to see a beautiful article with fourteen pages of information. Thank you to Nick Lewin (the author), and Paul Romhany (editor of Vanish Magazine).