Welcome to the new Nielsen Magic Website!


Welcome to the new home of Nielsen Magic! Our little magic store on the web. Here you will find all of our magic props and effects, vintage & rare magician posters, and more!

Nielsen Magic Products, Posters, Effects and Props for Professional Magicians

Whew… This project was long overdue, and it has now become a reality. Nielsen Magic has had three websites in the past twenty years. I still remember the very first one we created in 1998. Very simple, and crude, but it got the job done until 2001, when we designed another one. Indeed we have had the same website for the past fifteen years!
So much has changed in the world and the technology around us has expanded exponentially. With websites that have to be designed simultaneously for mobile devices, laptops and desktops, in addition to paying attention to the search engine optimization features, plus control over the shopping cart for so many products we have to sell, we have been overwhelmed.

Third time is the charm, and we have decided to get professional help. We want to give a huge THANK YOU to our Web Designer Extraordinaire, Lisa Caterbone, for all the hard work she has done in making this site a reality. Lisa lives here in Las Vegas, and she is a joy to work with. She is quite familiar with the magic scene in town, and about the value of exposure, website promotion and a good design. If you are looking for someone reliable for this type of work her link is: Netmouser.com

However, the overall design is one part of the equation, as it is our responsibility to fill this new blank canvas with content. Throughout the  upcoming months and years, I trust we will be able to do just that – with the blog, the items we sell – on this very website, at auction  houses and on eBay – our social media presence, and so much more.

Nielsen Magic is about us – Norm and Lupe Nielsen – and what we have to offer to the world: Magic effects, posters, collectible items, magic performance, ideas, advice, and more. Norm Nielsen is the soul of Nielsen Magic. He has been the inspiration to keep the business running for sixty years. I, Lupe Nielsen (your friendly webmaster), run this business, and I am known for my woodworking, magic building and quirky life observations on social media.

Hope you enjoy the new look, and if you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve it, we welcome them enthusiastically.

See you on cyberspace!