Zapped – by Ricki Dunn



by Ricki Dunn

This is the most up to date booklet on the Electric Chairs routine ever written!

Although the effect (of audience members mysteriously been zapped by "an electric current" from a chair) has been around for many years, the number of magicians who actually know the secret to the Electric Chairs seems surprisingly small. this my be due, in part to the small amount of material that has been written on the subject. And what little there is has not been very informative. Past masters of magic, such as Chefalo, Fogel, and David Devant, all recognized its entertainment potential and featured this effect in their programs. Today, Dominique, Paul Daniels and Marvyn Roy are among the few professionals performing the routine.

This book will give you the insight and the necessary audience management skills to accomplish this entertaining piece.

(Softbound – 29 pages)

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