Ganson – Routined Manipulation – Vols. 1 – 2 – by Lewis Ganson



Routined Manipulation
Volumes 1 – 2
by Lewis Ganson

People often inquire about where they can find material on sleight of hand manipulation, as this knowledge is scattered all around the magic literature.

Currently, Jeff McBride has done a superb job in compiling a lot of this material, in his various DVDs.

There are a few books around. The one we are offering is the first 2 Volumes of Lewis Ganson’s “Routined Manipulation”. Ganson’s books were originally published in the early 1950s and the routines in them are classics in magic. Volume I covers magic done with Cigarettes, Multiplying Candles, Card Manipulations, Miser’s Dream, and more. Volume II covers Balls, Thimbles, Hanks, Knives, Ropes, Cards. All effects are completely explained and routined.

There are very few new effects and routines in magic. A way to astound your audience is to go back to the classics and to the literature of yesteryear.

Over 250 pages

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