Okito-Nielsen Norm’s ABC Block



Okito-Nielsen Norm’s ABC Block

Effect: An ABC Block is placed into a tube. The block instantly vanishes and reappears in a hat or container some distance away.

This is the remake of the Okito-Nielsen Coolie Cube, but using an ABC Block and very pretty decals depicting Chinese children playing with blocks.

Norm made a few of these in the 1960s, and made a couple of dozen about 10 years ago.

This time we are making 24 of these. This is a very good, commercial, effect and quite a collectible piece as well.

Tube measures (outer dimensions): 7″ x 3-5/8″ x 3-5/8″
Block measures: 3″ square

View a video demonstration of the effect below:

(Missed detail…I forgot to show the hat empty before doing the trick! Sigh…I suppose you will forgive me, as I realized this after uploading the video on YouTube. And yes, the hat can be shown empty.)