Month: February 2020

The Most Famous Poster in Magic

Name of Poster: Houdini – Eclipsing Sensation Dimensions: 28” x 40” Lithographer: Russell Morgan Lithograph, Co. Date: 1906 Nielsen Rating: Very Rare The iconic Houdini image is probably the most reproduced magic poster of all time. One can find numerous versions of it printed on paper, canvas, tin plates, trays,.

A Chair Fit of a King

Name of Project: “A King’s Chair” Material: American Cherry (with small details in walnut, oak, yellow heart, maple, mahogany) and epoxy inlay. Finish: Watco Teak Oil and Watco Wax Measurements: 40” high / 26” wide / 31” deep Main Design: Tom McLaughlin / Inspired by article in Fine Woodworking Magazine.

SAM National Convention – January 17- 21, 2020 – Lupe’s Review

I have a HUGE soft spot for the Society of American Magicians. That was the very first magic organization I joined when I was 14 years old. Several service members from the Panama Canal Zone who were amateur magicians formed a SAM Assembly in Panama at the time, and we.

Welcome to My World!

Today is Sunday, February 2, 2020, and I guess this is a good date as any to jumpstart my blogs. Our webmaster (Lisa Caterbone from is an SEO expert and has been pushing me for quite a while to write a blog. Most of my writings and observations have.