Month: July 2020

A Special Magic Wand for the IBM President


I don’t know about you, but every single day when I wake up, I thank God for my health. I still have enough eyesight and the stamina to do what needs to get done in life. I am also grateful for the amount of work that keeps me …

Puppetry Series: Painting and Stringing a Marionette


This is the second post in my puppetry series. See the first post “Building a Marionette Controller” to follow from start to finish.
PART 2: Painting and Stringing a “Magical” Marionette
… By now the controllers are built and…

Building a Marionette – Making a Marionette Controller


Keeping a strict schedule and routine is what kept me sane while taking care of Norm in the last five years he suffered dementia. My caretaking duties fine tuned my time-management skills. The drawback is that things can get bo…